I love the outdoors!

Whether it be spending time walking down the river with my family or getting out on a camping trip, I love spending time outdoors. I got my first tent when I was around eight or nine years old and my mum and dad used to let me sleep outside in it, I’ve been hooked on camping ever since. When I was around the same age we lived in Germany as my dad was a serving soldier in the British Army and we were posted there. We used to go out for long walks as a family and I also took part in the Rheindahlen Allied Marches twice whilst we lived there.

I get out camping quite a lot every year, I run a voluntary camping project where we take whole families away for their first camping experience together. Then I go with my own family and also have quite a few solo camps.┬áMy favourite walk is a forest or woodland walk, I never used to be into hill and mountain walking but that’s changed over the last year or so. The views you get when you reach a summit are worth it and I love the challenges that hill walking present.

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I love photography

When I was about 11 or 12 I received a camera as a Christmas present from my mum. It was a Kodak disk film camera. I loved taking photos with the camera, the pictures I took were mostly quick snaps but I enjoyed it despite the cost of processing and purchasing the film meaning it wasn’t used a massive amount. I had a few more cameras after that but it wasn’t until I started training for a sponsored walk several years ago that I really started to become interested in photography again. I was walking in the countryside and I wanted to capture the views I was enjoying.

Getting married and having children helped me regain my interest in photography too, the proud parent photos at school events and the usual family snaps on days out and holidays meant I was using my cameras a lot more. Now I take at least one camera or use my smartphone pretty much everywhere I go. I enjoy all forms of photography, some more so than others. I love landscape photography, which you may have guessed already if you’ve viewed my galleries!

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Some of my favourite outdoors photos