Although the weather wasn’t looking great for photography, I wanted to have a weekend at Edale. I needed to seam seal my tent and test it out so I headed out on Friday and returned today.

When I got to Edale on Friday morning the weather was looking pretty good. It was sunny and warm so I was hoping it would stay that way. Fieldhead Campsite was hosting some big conference with the park authorities and other organisations present, so the top field was taken up with the big gazebo they had for it. It didn’t worry me as I usually go on the backpackers field at the bottom.

I had some work to do before I went out walking, on the tent I’d brought with me. It’s a Luxe Hex Peak v4a. It needed seam sealing with silicone tent sealant to make it watertight. Looking at the forecast I wanted to get that done as quick as I could. It took me about an hour after I’d pitched up and I managed not to get the sealant all over so that was good! I was impressed with the new tent, it’s lightweight but once pitched it feels really rigid. You use a walking pole as the central support for the tent.

Once I’d finished pitching up seam sealing the tent I headed out for a walk. I started towards Grindsbrook Clough, the plan being to take my time and get up on to Kinder. By this time the weather had gone from being sunny to overcast. I wasn’t in a rush though because I was stopping to take photos along the way. As I got further up Grindsbrook Clough the weather got worse. When the rain started I packed away my camera and concentrated on walking. ¬†About 2/3rds of the way along Grindsbrook I decided to turn back for camp, as the low cloud meant I wouldn’t get any decent shots up on Kinder. I went and had some late lunch at my tent, then had a walk around Edale and stopped for a pint at the Old Nags Head.

That night I didn’t sleep too well. I don’t know what it was, I wasn’t cold or uncomfortable. I have an Alpkit Skyehigh 900 down sleeping bag and an Exped Downmat Lite 5 sleeping mat so if anything I may have been too warm. One big concern with the tent was condensation, I have to say I was massively impressed. You have to pay some attention to the pitching so that there is space around the bottom of the tent to allow ample air flow, there was some condensation the next morning but it was a hell of a lot better than with my Vaude Taurus 2p tent. The inner of the tent is 1 man with room for a good sized rucksack, the outer is vast! I could sit in it and easily cook and generally make good use of the space. Being 1.3kg lighter than my Vaude tent is great too!

The next day I was up early, I skipped breakfast (I generally do) and got washed up and ready to go. I set off for Grindsbrook Clough again. The weather wasn’t looking too good again but I’d decided just to crack on whatever the weather threw at me. On the final part of the ascent it was slippy underfoot so it took a bit more concentration than usual. I had a wander around Kinder with no particular plan in mind, just to try and get some decent-ish photos. Seeing Kinder Scout in grey skies and gloomy weather makes you appreciate the fact that you have to respect it or it could bite you in the bum!


As I was ascending via Grindsbrook Clough I saw some people running down the valley wall some way in front of me. I thought there had been an accident or something and they were running to help. As I got nearer I realised they were runners taking part in some competition. They ran down one side of the valley and then back up the other. Fair play to them but you wouldn’t catch me doing that! It’s hard enough walking up Kinder, never mind running it!

On my return to Edale I stopped at the Old Nags Head and treated myself to a Chicken Jalfrezi, which was beaut!! I got back to my tent around 4pm and just lazed about till about 6pm. I then went for a pint at the Ramblers Inn and came back to the tent before it got dark. I had a better nights sleep last night. I got up about 7.30am and set about breaking camp. I was at the train station for 8.50am and home for 10am. I’ve dried my gear out and that’s been stowed. All in all I enjoyed the weekend. I didn’t walk as far as I usually do, I wasn’t really in the mood for it to be honest. I felt tired before I left and never really shook the feeling all weekend. I’m off for some day hikes in a week or two so I’ll make up for it then.

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