I was hoping to get out to the Peak District last weekend for a 1 night camp and hike around Bamford Edge and Ladybower Reservoir. I wanted some sunset/sunrise photos of the area. The weather wasn’t being kind though, so I’ve rescheduled for this weekend.

Storm Brian hit the UK last weekend  and although the Peak District wasn’t getting the brunt of the storm, the forecasts indicated gale force winds and heavy rain. So I decided to postpone my trip to Bamford because of that. I don’t mind hiking and camping in adverse weather but the main reason for my trip was to get some sunset and sunrise photos of Ladybower Reservoir. With the weather forecast as it was I wouldn’t have got any decent shots.

So I’ve rescheduled and my eldest daughter wants to come now too, so we’re heading out on Saturday morning. We’ve had to get her a 4 season sleeping bag for the trip, she has a bag she uses for army cadet trips but it’s a jungle bag and wouldn’t do her. She’ll be using the Vango Soul 200 tent and I’ll be using the Luxe Hexpeak V4A.

The plan for us is to get to Bamford by train, arriving around lunch time. We’ll head towards Bamford Edge and find some spots to take photos of Ladybower. Then in the late afternoon we’ll look for somewhere to pitch for the night. Hopefully the weather will be kind and we’ll get some good shots at sunset. Then in the morning we’ll break camp and head down to Ladybower, have a walk around there before heading back to the railway station. We may do Win Hill on the way back, it depends on how tired we both feel! Looking forward to it, my daughter is too!


Do you have plans for getting out and about this weekend? Are you hitting the hills or spending time under the canvas? Share below.

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