My eldest daughter and I set off for Bamford on Saturday morning. We had planned to camp overnight on a wild camp. It turned out to be a bit of an eventful trip. Read on to find out more.

So the plan was for my eldest daughter and I to head out to Bamford Edge on Saturday morning. We were going to spend some time up there with our cameras and have a wander around. So we set off for Doncaster railway station to get the train to Sheffield. The train was late, so that meant that we missed the once hourly train from Sheffield to Bamford. That may have been a sign of things to come!

We eventually got to Bamford later than expected. The weather wasn’t looking great, grey skies and mist. It was trying to rain too. Not to be deterred we got cracking with the walk and left the station. We walked along Station Road into the village and found Bamford Clough. On getting there, the path was closed off. There was some steel fencing blocking access with a road closed sign. On the fencing was a letter saying it was closed and that there was no recommended alternative route. I decided we’d go around the fencing and take the path. So we did.

Underfoot it was really slippy, Bamford Clough is really steep too, so the two combined meant we really took our time getting up the path. With the weight we were carrying, the gradient on the path was hard going! At one point I had to lay down my camera tripod to help my daughter up a section. We had full rucksacks, loaded with our camping gear, spare clothes, food and water so I had to carry the tripod by its handle. This was the start of another calamity, more on that later!

As we ascended slowly, the weather was turning worse too. The wind was really picking up, to the point it was getting worrying walking a path with overhanging trees. There were quite a few small branches falling, luckily they were all small though. In addition to the wind picking up, the rain started and it was blowing horizontally. On the path we were afforded some shelter as the wooded area to the right acted as a wind break.

As soon as we got to the top of the path though, the full force of the wind and rain was felt! We’d pretty much already decided we wouldn’t be camping overnight. I’d checked the weather forecast before we left Doncaster and it said that the strong winds weren’t expected till the early hours of Sunday morning. It did mention mist so we expected that. Although we’d decided not to camp we did agree to carry on walking up on to Bamford Edge as we were nearly there. We were going to head up and get onto Bamford Edge, have a quick explore and then take the road route back to Bamford Station. So that’s what we did.

The calamity I mentioned earlier, about the tripod, when I laid it down to help my daughter, I forgot to pick it back up again. So we carried on up without it. It wasn’t until we had turned back to head for home that I realised I’d left it. That left me with the choice of heading back down Bamford Clough to retrieve it or to suck up the loss. I decided to suck up the loss. The path was too slippy (I’d fell over a couple of times on the way up), the weather made it more dangerous, especially as I had a heavy weight on my back too, so I decided to put it down to experience. Luckily, it was a cheap tripod so the loss wasn’t too bad.  So if anyone comes across a tripod on their travels on Bamford Clough, give me a shout 😉

Despite the late trains, not being able to camp, the weather and losing my tripod, we both really enjoyed the walk. We got wet and we were tired and sore at the end of it but it felt rewarding not letting the weather beat us altogether!

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